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In September of 2006, I began writing music for what would become this immense project, Soufferance. These two songs were recorded on October 1st and 2nd of that year and mark and a very rough beginning. However you can clearly see the direction this was going. Highly influenced at the time by the bands in Les Legions Noires, even the album artwork was created to resemble this.

Mortification Records was created to release this digitally because I felt it didn't deserve to be made on cassette tapes. This was, from the start, only a demo. Added to this download is a third, bonus track (Solitude au loin) which should have been on the demo in the first place but ended up being released under the name Vision Solitude (Mortification Records' second release) instead. However, to keep things as original as possible, this song has been restored to its original release.


released October 2, 2006

Alexandre Julien: all music, all instruments, all performance, engineering.
Der.Walsch: artwork.
Released by Mortification Records (MT001).
All music by Soufferance and published under Abridged Pause Publishing




Soufferance Montréal, Québec

Soufferance is my personal way of clearing my mind. Most pieces originate during jams of frustration, moments of distress and phases of clinical depression. I do not write this for the general public and perhaps only intellectuals understand these compositions, and so be it; this is MY story. ... more

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